Our Mission


A unique and holistic tennis experience for kids


We're on a Mission to Promote a New Way to Teach Tennis! 

Our mission is to offer a unique and holistic tennis experience to kids of all physical abilities, and from all social and geographical backgrounds, in a safe environment curated specifically for them.

At our core is Court 16’s dedication to foster the values of sportsmanship, discipline, and inclusion conveyed by our vision of tennis, through well-rounded activities and a culture embedded in fair play.

Our facilities are architecturally progressive, with the most advanced surfacing and equipment available to protect and inspire growing minds and bodies.

Our programs are designed to teach fundamental tennis techniques while encouraging the discovery and refining of individual style, emphasizing both grace and strategy on the court.

We are committed to cultivating athleticism regardless of prior experience, and building the foundation for a balanced, healthful lifestyle.

We believe in the power of creating friendships, and in building social fluency and self-confidence in kids as both individuals and athletes.

Our responsibility is first and always to the kids and families we serve. We welcome them into our community, built on the values of respect and education which we cultivate by offering high-quality cultural content and engaging events.