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 Tennis Workshops





a members-only tennis club
For Ages 3-15

Welcome to Court 16, the first—and only—kids’ tennis club in Brooklyn, NY. With perfectly kid-sized courts and a modern approach to training, our community gives new and seasoned players the right foundation to play with imagination, energy and a whole lot of heart.


Our Programs


Seven days a week of friendly tennis

At Court 16, we don’t just focus on improving kids’ serves—we take a holistic approach to the sport, connecting mind and body to develop confidence and sportsmanship. Plus, we have a ton of fun along the way. 


Group Tennis

A tennis program with peers of the same age group on kid-sized courts.

Private Tennis

One-on-one training with a Court 16 coach to sharpen tennis skills.


Court Rentals

60 mins court rentals includes the use of tennis racquets, fresh tennis balls - and great tunes!

Membership Benefits


Activities at Court 16 are exclusive to members only. Join Court 16 to get the most out of our unique community and training programs.


Complimentary  Parent Membership

Court 16 x
Lacoste Kit

Court Rentals

Member's Events

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