Every Wednesday | 60-min session | 9:00 am & 7:30 pm

Tired of the gym? Want to try something different while perfecting your game?

Offering 60 minutes of high energy, calorie burning tennis drills, our heart-pumping Tennis Fitness class mixes consistent movement with a backdrop of motivational beats to raise your game to the next level.

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(20 minutes per station)

Station 1
Fitness Court
speed, balance, agility

The Fitness Court centers on quickness and stability during play. By combining targeted equipment with fast moving drills like throwing, catching, stopping and starting, this intense workout leaves the racquets on the sidelines and focuses on improving on-court movement and hand-eye coordination - essential to developing a complete tennis game.

Station 2
Foam Tennis Court
strategy, touch, finesse

While endurance is tested on all three courts, Foam Tennis is all about refining your tennis skills through quick, decisive movements, and learning the strategies needed to anticipate your opponent's next move. From drop shots and passing shots to lobs and tight angles, sharpen your racquet speed and swing-path while strengthening your body for the more robust physical demands of full-court play.

Station 3
Full Court Workout
endurance, power, precision

Combining long-range movement with more demanding point-play, learn to step back and hit the ball harder and faster on The Full Court. From serving and returning to attacking the net and finishing the point, all aspects of the game come together on this 60' court.  Run faster, cover more ground, and engage your fellow players in match-replicating rallies as you learn to sharpen footwork and improve shot-making.

Refreshments provided by Zico
Racquets provided by Babolat



Per Sesion: $45

5 Sessions Pack: $215

10 Sessions Pack: $410

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