Physical activity is crucial for any teenager, as they're developing into their bodies and growing constantly (and quickly!). Our Teenage Beginner Tennis class combines tennis technical development, intense physical activity, and a ton of fun into one action-packed 60-minute class. Players enrolled in drills and games that will provide a great workout while inspiring them to learn and love our favorite game. 

It's only natural that our Teen Beginners will benefit from using two innovative technological devices:

Babolat POP - A sensory device worn as a wristband that tracks performance during a session, Babolat POP is a fantastic learning tool that keeps players engaged and constantly improving. It tracks the quantity and type of shot, the length of the rally, and much more! Using Babolat POP, players will enjoy an exciting and innovative way to monitor their progress during sessions!

Lobster Ball Machine - Court 16 is home to one of the most advanced ball machines found anywhere on the planet. Our ball machine feeds balls to players at varying heights, depths, speeds, and with various spins and frequencies. It's a remarkable training device and something players around the world - of all ages and levels - use (and love!).





30, 45, or 60 mins

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45 and 60 mins sessions 
(includes duo private sessions)

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60 mins court rentals
includes the use of tennis racquets, fresh tennis balls - and great tunes!