Sound of Tennis Open House


Court 16 is launching a unique program designed to make tennis accessible to teenagers and
adults who are visually impaired. 

Court 16 is New York City’s first, and only, tennis club remixed for all. With modern, progressive facilities, an integrated teaching methodology, and a community built on empowerment and education, Court 16 is
the premier lifestyle tennis destination.

Using sound adapted foam tennis balls on a modified court, our expertly trained coaches customize
hour-long lessons for individuals with varied levels of visual impairment B1 through B5 (we adhere to International Blind Tennis Association standards). Our small group settings allow players to advance skills on the court progressively, fostering teamwork and strengthening their self esteem.

We offer great flexibility for schools and families to customize programs curated especially for their
needs. We strive to positively impact the children, families, and our community overall.

Interested in learning more about this empowering program?

Contact Brooke Severance

Email: | Phone: 718-875-5550 | Cell: 914-393-8331