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Court 16 + Helen Keller Team Up to Provide Tennis to the Visually Impaired!

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Court 16 and Helen Keller Services for the Blind have come together to launch a comprehensive tennis experience for visually impaired adults in the New York community. For 125 years, HKSB has proven their commitment to helping blind and visually impaired individuals develop independence and fully participate in community activities. Their support of sustainable wellness programs led to a natural partnership; we have developed a holistic curriculum and rewarding program design which also includes an off-court fitness regimen. Together, we are expediting access to tennis to this segment of the population.

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Using sound adapted foam tennis balls on a modified court, our expertly trained coaches customize hour-long lessons for individuals with varied levels of visual impairment B1 through B5 (we adhere to International Blind Tennis Association standards). Our small group settings allow players to advance skills on the court progressively, fostering teamwork and strengthening their self esteem.

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