Get to know the innovative founder of Court 16, Anthony Evrard!

Are you an avid tennis player and want to get your little one involved?  Or do you have a child interested in tennis and you’re looking for a place to nurture their love of the sport?  OR…not a tennis player, and wanting to introduce it to your family?  Right around the corner in Gowanus you will find Court 16, the first (and only) kids tennis club in Brooklyn.  This state of the art facility was created with kids in mind, from kid size courts with cushioned surfaces to bathroom sinks at kid-height.   Tennis has so much to offer our children, like aerobic fitness, fine motor control, better eye-hand coordination, discipline and learning sportsmanship, among many other benefits.  Finally we have a place dedicated to this great sport right here in Brooklyn!  For this month’s interview we decided to talk to the founder of Court 16, Anthony Evrard.

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