Proper tennis shoes (i.e., non-marking soles) must be worn on the court at all times.

For your convenience, Court 16 is now carrying both Lacoste and Babolat tennis shoes in the most popular sizes, which you can pick up at the club.

Babolat Propulse BPM All Court Jr - Red: $65

Lacoste Carnaby Evo - Red / Navy: $65 - $75

For more information on proper footwear, visit http://www.court16.com/proper-footwear


Please be sure to wear comfortable workout attire.

Please make sure to clearly label all of your child’s items (clothing, backpack, lunch box). Items should be easily identifiable in the event they are misplaced

As always, Babolat tennis racquets and all other equipment needed for fun - on and off the court! - are provided by Court16.




Class readiness drop off time is 5-10 min prior to class. Promptness is important for the class to begin in a timely fashion and for all students to benefit fully.


If you have not yet submitted a medical form, kindly do so by emailing your completed form to jane@court16.com. Please inform jane@court16.com of any food allergies or other important health issues the Court 16 Team should be aware of.  


A twenty-four(24) hour cancellation notice is required. Court 16 will charge the full session price if the session is cancelled with less than twenty-four (24) hour notice. Cancellation needs to be made to jane@court16.com for proper processing.


Your child will be allowed one (1) make-up classes per season. Make-up classes are accommodated on an availability basis before the end of the season. Make-up sessions may not be rescheduled.


Should you need to reschedule please do so 24hrs in advance - if this is not done it is considered a late cancel and will be charged. Private sessions are not made up. You will be charged if the club is not notified in a timely fashion. If you call in advance you may reschedule the session for another available date.


The class begins in a timely fashion whether both parties are present or not. Should you need to reschedule please do so 24hrs in advance - if this is not done it is considered a late cancel and will be charged. Semi-Private sessions are not made up. If the session is being taught to one child it will be for 30min. Whenever possible, please coordinate with the other party so that we may reschedule for both.


Court 16 members can earn half day camp per season by referring friends and colleagues into Court 16 Referral Program. Court 16 members may sponsor friends or colleagues and participate in the Court 16 Referral Program while they have an active membership status. If the friend becomes a member, the sponsoring member earns half day camp. The rewards are redeemable within the year of current membership season and may not be transferred to another member or carried over into a new Season year of membership. Sponsoring member must be in good standing and not be delinquent on any payment. New members cannot retroactively designate a sponsor and must designate a sponsoring member upon purchasing membership and/or services from Court 16 for the first time. Sponsorship must be determined at the time of new member's enrollment. Court 16 reserves the right to end the Referral Program at any time.