You've got questions about... 

Court 16

How is Court 16 different from any other tennis academy?


Why are the courts smaller?


Why are the racquets smaller?


Why are the balls all funky?


How many courts do you have?


What is Court 16 methodology?


How do you teach a 3-y-o to play tennis?


Is Court 16 outdoor or indoor?


Who are Court 16 partners? 


What credentials or background do your coaches/pro's have?


Camps & Summer Camp


Do I have to be a Court 16 member to do tennis camps?


My kid has never played tennis before. Is tennis camp a good way to get him started?


Do all the kids from 3 to 11 play together?


Do you have different training programs depending on their age?


I've signed up my two kids for tennis camp but they're not the same age. Will they still get to spend some time together? 


Is tennis camp only tennis? 


Do you have extended hours option?


My kid has allergies? Can he do tennis camp?


My kid has a friend that is doing tennis camp the same week, can they play together? 


Can I sign up directly from the website? 


Do you offer sibling discounts? 


My kid has been playing tennis for a few years, will he be placed with other kids in his/her same level?


Does the whole camp take place indoor? 


Membership Benefits & Classes


What are the benefits that come with the Standard and Premier annual membership?


The season has already started, can I still sign up?


I want to rent a court for a family time, how do I proceed? 


First Visit

My child has never played tennis before, can I have him try it out before we join? 


I'm coming to Court 16 for the first time what should I bring?


My kid really enjoyed his/her trial, how do I sign up?


Special Programs


Do you do anything else on top of classes and tennis camps?


Can I rent Court 16 for an event, even if I'm not a kid?



Adult programs


I'm a parent, can I take classes at Court 16?



I am not a parent but I'm an adult, can I take classes at Court 16?



Do you have adult-sized courts? 



Do you provide racquets for adults? 


Do I need experience to participate in Adult Tennis Fitness?