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Challenge your way to the top!

The Court 16 Open is a ladder tournament where players challenge one another week after week in order to make their way to the top. It will run from September 21st to February 10th. The Court 16 Open aims to prepare players (and parents!) for USTA tournaments through supervised competitive play.

From playing an actual set to the umpire chair, each match is designed to immerse players in real tournament conditions  Running for 60 minutes under the supervision of one of Court 16’s resident coaches, each match is an occasion to grow as a competitive player.

Players' progress will be tracked week after week via in-match stats, court-level view footage and written technical and tactical feedback. With all these materials consolidated into a private library for each player along with coaches' debriefing after every match, parents will be given the right tools to help players grow in a competitive environment.



  • 60-min of supervised play

  • Court-level footage of all tournament matches

  • Coach technical and tactical debrief for players and parents

  • Players' In-match Stats

  • A personal library with all material for players (accessible for parents online) 



Court 16 Open matches are semi-private sessions supervised by one Court 16 resident coach.


Proposed times (not limited to) 

Fridays, between 6 pm and 8 pm 


$62 per match 


Court 16 coach will lead warm-up off-court and on-court until the coin flip. Court 16 coach will provide players with routines to build and maintain mental strength throughout the course of the match. Emphasis will be put on building personal rituals fit for each child. 


Court 16 coach will act as umpire and coach throughout the match, keeping score and tracking performance of both players. 


Court 16 coach will provide a debrief of the match to parents. The following day, each player will receive a court-level video of the whole match, as well as a technical and tactical feedback in a written format and in-match stats. 


  • Court 16 Open matches are played on 60 ft court with orange balls

  • Players may only challenge another player that is within two spots of them in the ladder (e.g. player ranked 5 can only challenge players ranked 3 and 4). Players outside of the top 8 may challenge 2 spots ahead

  • Players can only be challenged by one other player at a time (once a week) 

  • Whenever a challenge is issued, a member of the Court 16 team, will facilitate a date for the match to be played

  • Once a challenge has been issued you will have 14 days to play the match. If the match has not been played within 14 days, the challenge will be considered "forfeited" and the challenger will be granted the win

  • Initial rankings will be determined by Court 16 based on previous Court 16 Tournaments results and tennis experience

  • Ranking System: if a player successfully challenges another, she/he will take the spot of the player who was challenged and that player will be bumped down 1 spot

  • Each match runs for 55 minutes. The player with more games at the end of the time wins

  • If the two players have the same number of games at the end of the time, a tiebreaker to 7 is played

  • For any questions regarding scheduling, contact

  • For any questions regarding rules, contact