Kids Tennis Classes


We offer group tennis classes and private lessons for kids of all playing levels. From our PTR-certified coaches to kid-sized courts that accompany our young players from 2.5 to 15 years old, Court 16 is there every step of the way to make sure your child falls in love with the game.

Our Tennis Academy is curated for each age group, click below to learn more and sign up!

A gentle introduction to the game of tennis. Players focus on establishing basic motions with the racquet, key athletic skills, and begin to learn how to hit back and forth through modified rally exercises. 

Players first learn a low to high swing path on ground strokes, coordination of racquet and body on volleys, and a basic throwing motion for serves. Players will also work on developing key athletic skills.

Young athletes learn how to develop compact and elevated swing paths on their groundstrokes, how to rotate their body, and how to hit a fully extended serve through a series of progressions and rally over elevated targets.

Players will work on developing racquet head extension on their groundstrokes, establishing a unit turn on their volley, and building proper tossing and swinging mechanics on their serves. They will rally and play points on the baseline as well as begin to learn fundamental footwork stances and movements.

Players will solidify their mechanics, creating repeatable and dependable strokes.  They will be developing swings that harmonize the racquet and body to facilitate a consistent contact point. Athletes begin to learn basic shot combinations as they prepare to transition to the 60-foot court. Players will focus on building strength and conditioning to prepare for matches.

Players will focus on developing circular swings from the back of the court, creating elongated throwing motions on their serves, and solidifying their volley technique from stationary positions and while they are moving. They will rally and play points on a regular basis with a heightened emphasis on how to properly construct points.