Court 16 presents:

Holiday FOAM Tennis Doubles Tournament

Thursday, November 30th at 7:30 pm

Come celebrate the holiday season with a competitive doubles tournament, some ugly sweaters, and great festive vibes!

FOAM Tennis is played on our USTA-sanctioned 36 ft courts with plush, foam tennis balls and 21" racquets. FOAM Tennis provides a high-paced, stress-free version of tennis that maximizes the number of rallies and is fun for all levels

The tournament will consist of 20 teams split into 5 groups. Each group will be assigned a court and every team will get to face each other as part of the round robin stage. Each of the round robin stage games will be played to 21 points or highest score after 10 minutes. This will allow for back to back games or long breaks between games for some teams.


Tournament Rules:

  • Sneakers with non-marking soles are required to step on the court; otherwise, you may play in socks
  • All serves must be made underhand, and all players must start at the baseline
  • Players get 2 chances to get the serve into the opposing service box
  • 5 serves per player alternating (just like ping pong)
  • Team serving first will be decided by spinning a racket
  • No food/alcohol/beverages on the court
  • If tied when time is called, there will be one final serve made by the next person to serve
  • NO SHENANIGANS - on or off the court ;)
  • Leave all racquets on court after your match
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