Cardio tennis


Switch up your workout routine while perfecting your game!

High intensity 60-minute sessions in a short interval circuit format.

With 60 minutes of high-intensity, tennis-based drills and exercises, Court 16's Cardio Tennis program offers a fresh one-size-fits-all workout approach that's perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike. Our heart-pumping class mixes consistent, intense movement with motivational beats to raise your game to the next level.

Combines targeted equipment with fast moving drills like throwing, catching, stopping and starting, this workout focuses on improving on-court movement and hand-eye coordination.

Refine your tennis skills with quick and decisive movements. Sharpen your racquet speed and swing-path while strengthening your body for the more physical demands full-court play.

Mixing long-range movement with demanding point-play, learn to step back and hit the ball harder and faster. Cover more ground as you learn to sharpen footwork and improve shot-making.

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