A New Tennis Story


We Believe in the Values of Sportsmanship, Discipline and Inclusion


Court 16 is the first —and only— tennis club remixed for kids in New York City. We get our name from court number 16 at founder Anthony Evrard's tennis club in his hometown of Brussels, Belgium. His youngest years on the court inspired him to develop a “blueprint for life”, based on the values of sportsmanship, discipline, and inclusion.

Court 16 offers innovative tennis programs curated for kids and for adults.  From group classes and private instruction, to tennis camps and birthday parties, we are committed to improving kids’ skills, confidence, and social fluency - both on and off the court!  Our adult programs are derived from the same vision of introducing the game we love in a fun and stress-free environment, through recreational racquet social events, tennis fitness programs, and beginner classes to refine your game.

With a community built on education and empowerment, players are given the foundation to fall in love with the game, and play with a whole lot of heart.

Signature Curriculums For Kids


From private instruction to group classes, from tennis camps to advanced workshops and tournaments, our holistic teaching methodology curates programs to position each young athlete to thrive in the setting that works best for them.



Kids learn the ropes with fellow budding tennis champions of the same age

“I want my kids to learn the ropes of the game in a social and inclusive setting. They don't need to be Nadal right away, but we want them to learn to have fun on the court while developing their game“


Kids harvest the benefits of one-on-one training with a Court 16 resident coach

“I want my kids to focus on developing sound technical foundations to take their game to the next level. They don’t need to qualify for the U.S. Open Tournament this year, but how about in 5?”


Kids work in tandem as they learn to compete with a friend

“I want my kids to have personalized training with another kid of similar age and talent. We don’t expect them to be the Williams Sisters, but we want them to learn to play competitively with another player."

Unique Tennis Training and Events For Adults


Court 16’s Adult Tennis Classes offers adults with little or no experience playing tennis a comprehensive and unique introduction into the sport through exercises that help develop balance, agility and coordination.


Inspired by racquet sports played on smaller courts around the world, Pickleball and FOAM Tennis provide a high-paced version of tennis that maximizes the number of rallies, while minimizing the impact on joints.


With 60 minutes of high-intensity, tennis based drills and exercises, Court 16's Adult Tennis Fitness Program offers a fresh one-size-fits-all workout approach that's perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike.