Court 16 is a private kids' tennis club developed by an international network of tennis experts and cultural creators. We created the club with a vision for a modern approach to the game. With perfectly kid-sized courts and a community built on education and empowerment, kids are given the right foundation to fall in love with the game, and have a total tennis experience. Court 16 gets its name from court number 16 at founder Anthony Evrard's tennis club in his hometown of Brussels, Belgium. It inspired him to develop "a blueprint for life," cultivating qualities of discipline, focus and fair play that have benefited all aspects of his life.

World Class Facilities

Five permanent USTA-sanctioned 36' tennis courts — built at an optimal size for child athletes.

One 60' tennis court (we like to call it "The Big Court") for advanced junior, senior, and adult players. 

Premier Court® surfacing is the most advanced cushioning surface available. Kids enjoy more traction for optimum performance, and impact-absorbing cushions are easy on growing joints.

Bright, architecturally-progressive interior to excite the imagination.


Court 16’s methodology will teach kids the fundamentals of the game,
optimized to bring out his or her talents.

1. Warm-Up 
develops confidence and physical literacy. 

2. Technique
introduces specific shots and footwork.

3. Strategy
incorporates technique into the game with drills and play. 

4. Sportsmanship
is developed through coaches’ shared stories.

Notice something different?  From the moment you walk into Court 16, we’re committed to inspire families with a new approach to the game.  Though we play serious tennis, Court 16 captures that magic moment of childhood, when the imagination is free to run wild.

  • Tennis lessons in private and small groups, where kids can receive focused training for the best learning experience.
  • Stimulating and nurturing environment designed to promote confidence, self-empowerment, and social fluency.
  • Birthday Parties where kids can play with their friends and celebrate with fun and laughter, all while picking up a new sport.
  • Parents of kids who enroll also get membership access and benefits, so the whole family can play and grow together!