COURT 16 Gowanus - Brooklyn


The first tennis experience sized just for kids!

Court 16 is the first —and only— kids' tennis club in New-York City. Developed by an international network of tennis experts and cultural creators, we created the club with a vision for a modern approach to teaching tennis. Court 16 gets its name from court number 16 at founder Anthony Evrard's tennis club in his hometown of Brussels, Belgium. Spending his youngest years on the court inspired him to develop "a blueprint for life," cultivating qualities of discipline, focus and fair play that have benefited all aspects of his life.

Court 16 offers a variety of tennis lessons and programs for kids. From group and private lessons to holidays and summer tennis camps, we are committed to improving kid's skills and confidence – both on and off the court! Our mission is to offer a unique and holistic tennis experience to kids of all physical abilities, from all social and geographical backgrounds in a safe environment curated specifically for them. With perfectly kid-sized courts and a community built on education and empowerment, kids are given the right foundation to fall in love with the game, and have a total tennis experience.



A bright and colorful space to excite the imagination!


One USTA-sanctioned 27 ft court. Developed for toddlers, this practice court is perfect for them to hit their very first balls.

Five USTA-sanctioned 36 ft tennis courts. Built at an optimal size for all our young tennis enthusiasts.

One USTA-sanctioned 60 ft tennis court. Perfect for our advanced Junior and Senior players, as well as Adult beginners.

Premier Court® surfacing. Kids enjoy more traction and impact-absorbing cushions are easy on growing joints.



Find the perfect tennis training for your kid!

At Court 16, we have specific tennis programs for every kid. From group lessons to private and semi-private training sessions, from tennis camps to advanced workshops and tournaments, we are committed to see each player flourish in the program that works best for them. 



Kids learn the ropes with fellow budding tennis champions of the same age

“I want my child to learn the ropes of the game in a social and inclusive setting. They don't need to be Nadal right away, but I want them to learn to have fun on the court while developing their game“



Kids work in tandem through personalized drills and games as they learn to compete with a friend of a similar skill-level

“I want my child to have personalized training with another child of similar age and talent. We don’t expect them to be the Williams Sisters, but we want them to learn to play competitively with another player."



Kids sharpen tennis skills and harvest the benefits of one-on-one training with Court 16 coaches

“I want my child to focus on developing sound technical foundations to take their game to the next level. They don’t need to qualify for the U.S. Open this year, but how about in 5?”