60 Foot Court League

Rules and Regulations

  • League matches will be played on the 60-foot court

  • League matches will be played with the ball type best fit for the students

  • Match-ups will be determined by Court 16 coaches; some being doubles, some being singles

  • Match times will be made available for 6 weeks

  • Each match runs for 55 minutes. The player/teams with more games at the end of the time wins

  • For any questions regarding scheduling, contact sheik@court16.com

  • For any questions regarding rules, contact nick@court16.com

Match Rules

  • The session will begin with a 3-minute warm-up

  • A coin toss will determine the player/team to serve first

  • Matches will play out as many sets as time allows

  • Matches will be played with no-ad scoring

  • Players will call lines but the supervising coach may overrule

  • 20 seconds is allotted between points, 45 seconds is allotted to change-overs

  • Supervising coach will provide feedback during changeovers and a written evaluation following each match

  • Racquet throwing and smashing is not allowed. Players will be penalized every time they throw or smash a racquet. The first time they will be penalized with a game. The second time with a set. The third time with the match.

  • The supervising coach will call the score throughout the match

  • Singles Match Lateness Policy: 0-5 minutes = 1 game penalty, 5-10 minutes = 2 game penalty, 10-15 minutes = 3 game penalty, 15+ minutes = forfeit.

League Form Submission

Please use this form to submit your child’s available times for the next 6 weeks

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